This institution aims at sheltering the old men, the handicapped, the ordinary and mental patients who are disowned and thrown into the street by their near ones.
It is the first and the premier home of Ashraya started in the year 2000 at Kalayapuram on 1 acre of land. It has a built up building area of 45,000 sq.ft., intended to provide decent living to old people abandoned by their family or suffering illness , among whom majority are blind, deaf or dumb or patients suffering from Cancer, TB, Asthma, Epilepsy HIV Aids. The discharged persons continue to receive medical attention and support.

Ashraya Palliative Care Unit, Kalayapuram

Palliative care services are offered separately for men and women residing at Sanketham. Many people have been receiving care and service from the centre. In addition to the in-house service palliative care is also extended outside to the bedridden patients of economically weaker sections. Normally, they are provided with necessary nursing, medicines, counselling and physiotherapy services. Some beneficiaries are currently enjoying a monthly lump sum financial assistance per month.

The Headquarters of Sanketham

Ashraya Sanketham De-Addiction Center

Addiction and substance abuse is a strong instrument of destruction and disintegration of families thus causing deprivation, delinquency and even of destitution of the members therein. Therefore this centre has taken up de-addiction services with great zeal. We have a dedicated team of Psychiatrists, clinical psychologist, counsellors and adequate number of nursing staff serving at this centre.

The Headquarters of Sanketham

Ashraya Counselling Centre, Kalayapuram

Ashraya counselling centre is providing family counselling, school counselling, adolescent counselling, marital counselling, grief counselling etc. We also provide therapeutic interventions by giving psychotherapies as part of the counselling service. A professional team of psychiatrists, clinical psychologist and psychiatric social workers are serving at the centre.

The Headquarters of Sanketham

Ashraya Library Kalayapuram

Ashraya has a library with more than 2000 books .It include short stories, dramas , poems , novels, autobiographies etc in different languages. Library is the one of the major source of the entertainment for some of our inhabitants who are fond of reading.

The Headquarters of Sanketham